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Welcome Sponsor Motonexus

Updated: Jun 14, 2023, the No Hassle online motorcycle auction site, joins Music at Skylark and the Scotts Valley Motorcycle Concours as a premier level Scotts Valley Idol Sponsor.

Motonexus was born out of frustration with every other form of selling a motorcycle, car, or truck. Built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, Motonexus offers Sellers and Buyers a better way to sell and get the best price for their vehicles. Here are just some of the benefits of selling at auction on Motonexus:

No Seller Listing Fees

Free "What's It Worth" Valuation Report

Your Vehicle Displayed on Our Home Page

Go Live in Minutes/Hours, not Weeks/Months

Low Buyer's Fee and No Minimum Buyer's Fee

Set your own Reserve price

Write Your Own Description or Ask Us To Help

Your Auctions Runs As Long As You Want Until You Get Your Price

Other Auction Sites May Not Want You Back if Your Bike Doesn’t Meet the Reserve

Other Auctions May Reject Your Submission

Other Auction Sites May Reject or Charge Extra for a Reserve Price

If You Know at Least Two Potential Buyers, Don’t Negotiate, Let Them and Others Bid

Motonexus Puts a $500 Hold on the Bidder's Credit Card to Ensure Bidders are Serious

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