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Robbie Cadwallader

Motocharities and The Scotts Valley Motorcycle Concours is the brainchild of motorcycle racer and enthusiast Robbie Cadwallader.  The consourse event has emerged from Robbie's previous show, Moto Espana, also held in Scotts Valley, California.

I started riding Bultacos when I was 13 years old.  I raced them at all the local tracks, including Salinas, Fremont, and Hayward. I’ve been a Bultaco enthusiast for many years. I buy them in various conditions, restore them, and ride them.  Moto Espana was originally an all Spanish bikes show until Moto Espana 3 when we invited all vintage bikes to attend.  This year we're taking the show and our giving to a whole new level.

A fascination with speed came at an early age for this Santa Cruz, California native.  Robbie first started racing motorcycles at the age of 15 on a Bultaco 200 Sherpa S scrambler.  Back then, there were multiple racetracks in the Bay Area to choose from, Hayward, Fremont, Salinas, and Lodi.  Robbie gained a novice license and quickly moved through the ranks to expert classification.  After a military stint, Robbie got back to racing, this time in a formula race car from 1979-1982.  Go-kart road racing was next, and in 1987 won the coveted Troy Rutman Memorial Award.  Water sports came next with vintage drag boat racing, and in 1992 Robbie earned a final spot in top elimination at Lake Ming in Bakersfield.  The water evaporated to asphalt, and Robbie became rookie of the year at Madera Speedway in the NASCAR Grand American Division, but motorcycles were still an alluring hobby, particularly the Bultaco brand.  After several top Bultaco restorations and a one-off race on the famed Catalina Red Bull Grand Prix, Robbie decided to do motorcycle shows.  After completing three shows, Robbie felt it was time for a new project, and the Scotts Valley Motorcycle Concours at Skypark was born.  


Motocharities was formed as the organizing body which operates as a not-for-profit company.  Our mission is to provide motorcycle and automotive entertainment to benefit local communities.  I’m proud to collaborate with friends to bring this event to reality.


See you in August


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